Getting Started


  • 1
    HP is the health your character has.
    If this reaches 0 you will die.

    AC is the armour you have equipped which will let you take less damage.
  • 2
    Weapon and Ammo - Here you can
    see the weapon you currently have equipped. You can also see how much ammo is loaded/in reserve to the left.
  • 3
    Objective Status - This shows the progress both teams have towards the match goal as well as the target goal. You can also see how much time is left in the round/match.
  • 4
    Radar - This shows your position on the map and the immediate vicinity around you. Allies and Objectives will also show up on the radar, but enemies won’t always.
  • 5
    Special Objective - If the map has a special objective then the icon/progress tracker will show here. In the case of S&D the icon will flash faster the closer the bomb is to exploding.
  • 6
    Kill Feed - The kill feed shows who killed who and how it happened. It will tell you who was killed, who killed them, how they died and if there was any special conditions.
  • 7
    Special Status Icon - If you performed a critical feat an icon will appear here. Critical feats include, Headshots, backstabs, bomb plants, bomb defusals and many others.

The interface of CrossFire can change depending on what mode you play, but the above sections are mostly unchanged from game to game.