Icy Inferno - December 2017 Update

December 2017

New VIPs!

Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon

Surrounded by the Infernal Dragon, this gatling gun was forged from rare polished metals. It's internal parts churn with Dragon rage, improving its firing speed. Features a secondary attack with the attached blade.

AK12-Iron Beast

A rare and exotic variant of the AK-12 Assault Rifle. This handcrafted masterpiece of weaponry has been designed in the image of a legendary beast. While the basic structure remains similar to the standard AK-12, the enhancements on this variant make it a force to be reckoned with.

Boss Battle!

Introducing the newest mode to CrossFire. Up to 4 players playing as Zombie Bosses go head to head in an epic battle putting their skills to the test! Mega Titans and Glacial Beasts use special elemental abilities and drain the life from one another. Only the last remaming boss will be the champion!

New Maps!

Battle Arena

Civilization has been vaniquished, the most monumental artillery of the human race's glory was no match for the indefinite evolution of the beasts. Evacuation was essential. The world has been left in ruins and obliterated of all founded life centuries ago. The beasts that breached the world are all that's left. Commander's of this race have forged an arena, and an everlasting bloodshed endures with the most elite bosses of their kind. The strongest remain, confident that the human race undoubtedly will return some day.

Available for Boss Battle


Laughter has been hushed, replaced with eerie howls. A place that once lifted so many spirits is now abandoned, cursed with consistent fear. A faint smell of cotton candy and gun powder lingers in the air. The lights still shimmer, and reflect off gun shells that lay still on the ground. Soldiers grip their weaponry, burdened with the thought that this may be their last breath of humanity. The mutants will show no mercy.

Available for Mutation Mode


The steady feud between Blacklist and Global Risk is ongoing. Mercenaries are station in an industrial location. The soldiers watch their every step, for one wrong step may be their last. Metal canisters, storage units and hallways create exceptional barriers and hiding places for sneaky foes.

Available for Search & Destroy

Available for Team Death Match and Elimination Mode


New Weapons!

Gingerbread Crate

Celebrate the 2017 holidays with these
new weapons featuring a festive Christmas Gingerbread paint job.

KAC Chainsaw-Gingerbread

Raging Bull-Gingerbread

M200 CheyTac-Gingerbread

Laser Dagger-Gingerbread

New Collection!


Win all the permanent weapons from the crate

and complete the Gingerbread Collection to receive:


Gingerbread Name Card

Red Eagle Crate

Python-Red Eagle

A pistol developed by Colt, the Python is a revolver known for its

rapid rate of fire. Decorated with a stylish Red Eagle paint job.

M240B-Red Eagle

This general-purpose machine gun has been used by many armies and seen many different wars. It uses 7.62mm rounds, pistol grip and a bipod. Decorated with a stylish Red Eagle paint job.

M200 CheyTac-Red Eagle

CheyTac M200 is an American bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by CheyTac LLC. Designed to have a range of more than 6500 ft, while maintaining a velocity faster than the speed of sound, it also boasts .408 calibre ammunition for added firepower.  The two-stage zoom gives the long range weapon the accuracy to match the power. Decorated with a stylish Red Eagle paint job.

New Collection! Red Eagle

Red Eagle Name Card

Win all the permanent weapons from the crate

and complete the Red Eagle Collection to receive:

AEK-999 GP Crate


Developed in the early 1990s and used as a
multipurpose machine gun. It uses 7.62mm
rounds and fires up to 650 rounds per minute.

Carbonized Crate


Knuckle is a melee item that wears directly on their hands.
It is one of the lightest melee weapon.


World Famous small machine gun with 60 bullets per magazine. Its high power in close range combat makes this still a weapon to be reckoned with.


The HK 417 is a battle rifle armed with 7.62mm NATO rounds and developed by H&K. It has a lot of recoil, but also has high power and accuracy as long as the user controls their fire.

New Collection! Carbonized

Win all the permanent weapons from the crate

and complete the Carbonized Collection to receive:

Carbonized Name Card

Boxing Day Weekend - Coming Soon
Boxing Day Weekend - Coming Soon
Get ready for Holiday Savings and Deals coming soon to the CrossFire shop!

Mini Game

Play the following mini game during maintenance to win free crates!

What's That Map!

How to play:

You are given a screenshot from a current map in CrossFire. The maps can be any mode. Answer each map name correctly at http://www.z8games.com/redeem.html for your chance to win 1 free crate per answer!

Hurry! Before all the crates are redeemed!




Answers must be answered, typed and spelled correctly to receive the reward.

Ticket responses will not be permitted.

Rewards are limited in quantity.

Sharing responses are not permitted and may result in actions taken against an account found sharing answers.

System Changes

Automatic Side Swap functionality added to Search and Destroy game rooms. This option can be turned off by the game host

Bombing Mode and Spy Mode have been removed from the Crossfire Client

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused some players to have missing items and weapons in their storage

Fixed an issue that caused the "Fire in the hole" sound effect to be played for ALL players in non-team based game modes

Fixed an issue that caused sheep modes scores to appear improperly during the bonus round

Fixed various Ghost Modes issues

New VIPs

Boss Battle

New Maps

New Weapons

Boxing Day

Mini game

Patch Notes