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Mission Name: Port


Mission Progress: 351,201

Join the Order! Peace for a Paycheque! Roid’s propaganda posters were all over this city. He was converting numbers to his cause.

Ghost spat on the ground. He couldn’t stand what Global Risk was doing to the world. Someone needed to stand up for freedom. Someone needed to implant some chaos in all the order. To allow Global Risk to exist was to allow the world to conform.

Roid had to go. That was an inevitability. But he was losing the intelligence battle. Black Lists ranks had been decimated by the recent fighting. He needed to replenish. Bring more people to his cause, even if it meant he needed to buy their services.

He turned his radio on and gave the signal for his convoy to stop. They were headed off this continent. New support had to be found across the Atlantic, but he had to make one last stop. There was a new addition to his team here.

Dimitri was a well known mercenary. Working out of the Secret Intelligence Agency he was known for taking jobs to the highest bidder. Ghost was banking on this when he attempted to gain his trust to use him for his cause. Dimitri could locate Roid faster than anyone previous. But more importantly, he was hoping that Dimitri would turn to Black List and become a full time member. Chaos and Free-Will were going to become his new loyalties.

Right on time Dimitri thought to himself. This was a good start already. He was going to pick up a proper paycheque for this job. He already knew the target and had a lead on him. This should impress Ghost.

“Dimitri Mavros I presume” said Ghost extending his hand to greet the newcomer.

“Glad to be working for you, Ghost” The handshake grip firmed.

“I have complete trust in your abilities Dimitri, but let me start by saying my word is command here. Cross my path and I’ll make sure this is the last job you take.”

“Yes Sir.” Dimitri said calmly. He had seen these types many times. Dimitri was working here, but there was always a plan. Don’t piss anyone off on the first day he said to himself.

“We have a small convoy here, we’re headed to our ship on the coast. You’ll meet him soon enough, but Dragon was left back in Merida to clean up the Global Risk mess there.”

“I’ve already told you who I’m looking for. My hope is you’ll learn soon enough that what he does to this world is remove freedoms. He spreads his Order like a virus through society. We must always be chaotic; we must give the human race freedom. We must crush Global Risk and it begins with the killing of Sir Alex Roid.”

Dimitri was well aware of Ghosts motivations. He was bent on destroying Roid. Dimitri was familiar with Global Risks operations. Order and Peace they claimed. We’ll see about that.

“You’re in luck sir.” Dimitri said.

“I’ve already done some advance scouting. Global Risk is already on the move, headed right for you here on the coast. Roid is not on this continent, but they have also been using submarines to move their organization across the globe.”

“They are using this port here on the coast as one of their hubs. Destroy this part of the city and you’ll cripple their mobility to this part of the world.”

“Excellent work Dimitri.” Ghost put his hand on his shoulder.

Finally we have a direction. At this port Black List will make its comeback.

Ghost cracked his radio on.

“Plant c4 in as many buildings as you can. Let’s set a trap for them.”


Mission Name: Port


Mission Progress: 367,101 ( GR Leading )

The sun blazed on the Mexican Streets. Karen was packed and ready to move. She had heard through her team that Merida held against Black List and the Mutant Threat. Ghost was on the run towards another Global Risk facility. This Mexican town was at peace once again, she had fought the chaos along with them and was now helping to recruit their population to the Global Risk cause. Her job was done here, but there is no rest for her kind. Duty always calls. And in this case, she had to call for her Duties.

Karen picked up the satellite phone and rang headquarters. Today was a good day she thought.

“Sir, we have held back the Black List forces here in Mexico. Ghost was last seen headed towards the coast. We think he might be moving on our Port Facility.”

“What are our orders? Do you have news on our new recruit?”

“Great job Karen. Let’s hope the people of Mexico can embrace the Global Risk way of life.” Roid sounded less confident than he normally did. Never a good sign.

“Unfortunately I cannot report news as good as that. Our would-be recruit unfortunately has not returned the faith we showed in him. It looks as though he might have joined Ghost and has become our enemy.”

Karen looked down to her feet as Roid continued.

“We need to remain calm our numbers have been depleated over these times. We must replenish our ranks. We might not have convinced this latest individual to our cause, but others will join.”

“Have a part of your team stay there to help the new recruits. I’m sending backup as we speak. But if Ghost is moving towards the Port then we must stop him. We can’t let him discover our submarine network.”

“Those ships are vital to expanding our Global Order. Ghost must not be allowed access to the ship yards.”

Sir Alex Roid tightened his voice.

“Karen, I want you to personally oversee this next mission. Prevent Ghost from gaining access to our Port Facility. You know his tricks so be prepared for anything!”

“I understand Sir, we will maintain control over the docks.”

“And Karen.”

“Yes Sir?” She paused.

“Watch out for a new threat from Black List. This is beyond their usual technologies and stealth. This is a human threat. He has new members on his team and they shouldn’t be underestimated.”

“Order and Peace Sir.”

“Order and Peace Karen.” Alex slumped in his chair. Dimitri Mavros was on Black List now. He was unable to convince Dimitri of the importance of their cause. The meeting has been set. He just hoped that Karen could come through for him one again.