A rare and exotic variant of the AK-47-Knife, this handcrafted masterpiece has been designed in the image of a dynamic beast. The base remains similar to a standard AK-47-Knife, but it was enhanced with rare material from around the world.

First Update


Savage 110BA-Valentine

Sweet 17 Crate

Collectors Edition Savage 110BA with a new Valentine Skin.

Dual Karambit-Valentine

Sweet 17 Crate

Collectors Edition Dual Karambit with a new Valentine Skin.

M67 Grenade-Valentine

Collectors Edition M67 Grenade with a new Valentine Skin.

M4A1-XS-Legendary Dragon

Final Legendary Crate

The M4A1-X has been equipped with a silencer and given a black and red gradation paint job with golden ancient dragon skin to increase its worth.

Norinco Type 56

Type 56 GP Crate

Compared with the AK47, The Type 56 has faster burst speed and lighter weight,

making up for its low accuracy in close combat.

Second Update

M249 SPW-BurstFire-Urban

Urban Operation Crate

An enhanced version of the M249-SPW with an Urban Camo pattern and a burst fire

mode with right-click.


Urban Operation Crate

Enhanced AK-12 with an underbarrel shotgun and urban camo pattern. Fire the underbarrel shotgun with right click.

A Gold-Dipped balloon in the shape of a

hammer. An unlikely but powerful

melee weapon.

Golden Balloon Crate

Balloon Hammer - Ult. Goldsmith


Icy Cavern

A new addition to the TDM Maps.

The Icy Cavern is a Melee Only map which features:

Icy Bridge, Icy Tunnel, Ice Cliff, Ice Tower and so much more!

These features take Team Deathmatch to the next level.

Crate Inventory

Items you win from crates are stored in your crate inventory. You can then choose to move them to your storage or disassemble some of them for coupons.

Increased Luck With Every Spin

A Luck gauge will fill up every time you fail to win the permanent items. If you spin while the gauge is full, the permanent items win rates are increased.

Coupon Shop

Now you can obtain coupons from both spinning crates and disassembling temporary weapons you received from crates. Exchange coupons for a variety of new items in the improved coupon shop.


A new web system to showcase the weapons available in the game. Collectors can now know exactly what they are missing to complete their collections. Not only that, some collections also come with rewards and exclusive weapons.

Obsidian Beasts

Ancient Dragons

Fury Beasts

Red Dragons

Iron Beasts


Infernal Beasts

Royal Dragons

Divine Dragons

Imperial Dragons


Candy Cane

Octagon Camo

Legendary Dragons

Blue Pottery



  • System Changes Coming Soon


  • Fixed an issue that allowed bullet penetration in certain locations on the map Prison
  • Fixed an issue that would cause temporary timed weapons to appear at an incorrect duration each time the Items won tab was loaded
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Back button to become disabled if users entered the FP mall from the Black Market
  • Fixed an invisible ledge collision on the map Rooftops