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System changes & Bug Fixes

New Mutant
Maiden Crazed

The maiden mutated and became crazed after trying to escape imprisonment. She failed, and since being held captive, her madness and abilities have grown stronger.

New Map
Noval Base

Mercenaries docked to restock on essential warfare supplies, where they we struck by an unruly attack by bloodthirsty mutants! They must triumph over the epidemic before its spreads beyond the naval base; potentially infecting all of humanity with a fatal infection.


Available for Hero Mode X

New Weapons
Late Summer Crate

Shovel-Noble Beast

Barrett M82A1-Noble Beast

A specially developed mechanical Shovel enhanced with rare materials gathered around the world. This weapon is only available for the most elite mercenaries.

A specially developed mechanical Barrett enhanced with rare materials gathered around the world. This weapon is only available for the most elite mercenaries.

Wachy Summer Crate

Steyr TMP-Dead Eye


Steyr TMP with more rounds and a supernatural look. Right click to enable Dual Mode in Mutation Modes. Pick between speed boost and fire rate!

This fancy M4A1 was designed like an electric guitar to deceive and delay enemies. Rock on and demolish your foes!

HK-EVO Crate


Scorpion EVO 3

The HK-G28 is a designated marksman rifle based on the HK417. It has a high fire rate and stability.

An SMG that is manufactured by CZ. Features a high fire rate with a specially designed buttplate to minimize recoil and maximize overall stability.

Supression Mode Update

Black Widow 2.0 now available in Supression mode!

System Changes

- Improved visuals on data based pop-up notices

- Reduced the amount of forced system popups by adding a 'System Notice' tab to the buddy system

- Relocated the 'Friends List' and 'Invitation Management' to a CF Friends tab

- Relocated the Message and 1:1 Chat to a 'Messenger' tab

Bug Fixed

- Fixed a bullet penetration issue that allowed players to shoot through certain walls on Maps such as Castle, Mexico, Salvador, Blackwidow 2.0 and EagleEye

-Fixed an issue that caused various temporary VIP weapons to have no Assets in the Storage tab

- Fixed an issue that output an error when users unequipped a VIP or Noble set melee weapon

- Fixed an issue that caused a client error when users Jumped onto the Zone B entrance door on the S&D map Compound

- Fixed an issue that caused The Gatling Gun-Razer to not appear as a rare item if won through the Razer Set Crate

- Fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to disable the Laser sight on the Barrett-Iron Shark