Knuckles – Infernal Dragon

Special Attributes

Aura Attack

Wiped Out

Fast Running Speed

Fast Switch

120% EXP Bonus for the Owner

30% EXP Increase

for everyone in the room

20% GP Increase

for everyone in the room

Exclusive Name Card & Spray


OPES is the special unit of the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. OPES was created to deal with high-intensity conflicts in Rio's favelas. Many try to be part of the OPES, but only those with physical training and a strong mind can finish the grueling training. Everyone else asks to leave.


When the OPES arrives, no other police force rises, only them. The "skulls" fight against the chaos, against the spread of gangs, criminals and uncontrolled mercenaries who use the disorder to their advantage to act in several areas of the system. To effectively combat these violent forces, OPES cooperates with GR, ensuring a better future for Brazil and for the world.

Gallery Map – Team Death Match

CrossFire Gallery contains some of the most rare and valuable artifacts in the world. This what made it the target for Black List's next operation. Global Risk forces are on their way to intervene, yet will they be able to protect the history, or become part of it.

Mileage System

Introducing the new Mileage system. Receive Mileage Points (MP) by completing missions, reaching 100% on your fever gauge and consecutively accumulating MP through daily Attendance check. MP will be reset on the 1st of every month, with a cooldown time on items you purchase.

Once you accumulate MP, you can use this currency in the Mileage Shop! You can purchase many types of items through the shop including character items and even permanent rare items!

The ‘compare weapon stats’ tab has been moved to the mileage system to compare the statistics of 2 desirable weapons to help you make the right purchase!

New Mission System

Introducing the New mission system! Monthly missions and Dog Tags have been removed and replaced with a new mission design: Single missions, Continuous (series) Missions, weekly missions and Burning Missions.

Single Missions - Current Daily missions, once this mission is completed the reward is given. You can play up to 3 missions a day.


Burning Missions - Enhanced event missions; this single mission has enhanced mission rewards and is only available for a limited amount of time.


Weekly Missions - Consist of 3 missions that will needed to be completed within the week to achieve your reward.


Continuous (Series) Missions - Everyday, one series mission will be available consisting of three different missions. Once the continuous mission is completed, the other three daily missions are marked as complete.

New ‘Mission Tab’ has been added on the channel and room lobby pages. Missions can now be swapped for GP, up to 5 times a day! You also have the option to use a mission shortcut to instantly play the desired map of your mission.


Easter Blossoms Crate

AK-47-Knife-Dual-Flower Power

A modified version of an AK-47 with a dual magazine, and increased value due to its beautiful blossom skin.

Desert Eagle-A-Flower Power

A modified version of a Desert Eagle, with increased value due to its beautiful blossom skin.

1st Update

M4A1-S-Dual-Flower Power

A modified version of an M4A1-S with a dual magazine, and increased value due to its beautiful blossom skin.

1st Update

Mileage Shop Reward

Xuan Yuan Sword

The legendary sword used by the great Chinese Emperor. It has an intricate design and a deadly blade. In Zombie Mode, you can do a critical splash damage attack pose with HP restoration by right-clicking twice (after the special attack). By right-clicking again (before the attack ends), you can do the splash damage attack pose again.

Lethal Abstract Crate


A MAC-10 decorated with a unique abstract paint job.


An SR-3M decorated with a unique abstract paint job.

2nd Update

Falcon OP99-Abstract

A Falcon OP99 decorated with a unique abstract paint job.

2nd Update

Nouveau Jade Crate


The Russian rifle AN-94 is beautifully decorated with Art Noveau style.


One of the world’s smallest rifles, carved out of jade to give it a distinct high-value green hue.

2nd Update

GP Item Shop


The SR-99 is a modernized version of the Galatz sniper rifle with 7.62mm Nato.

Frontline Crate

Norinco Type56-Hawaiian

Type 56 has faster burst speed and lighter weight, making up for its low accuracy in close combat. Its beautiful skin makes it a high value collectable.

Cop 357-Fractal

Enhanced version of the COP 357 Derringer with plus 2 ammo and a fractal skin.

3rd Update


A powerful G3A3 with a camo paintjob.

System Changes

•Added new Mileage Shop and MP currency.
• Attendance Calendar will now only reset on the first of every month.
• New Mission System update.
• Returning User Support System added
• Removed FP Mall, Dog Tags and Monthly Missions.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue that caused the FFA daily mission shortcut to load an incorrect map
•Fixed an issue that causes the permanent 8th Anniversary Spray to not appear in-game.
• Fixed an issue that caused some temporary 1day VIPs to not reward EXP and GP.
• Fixed various weapon typos.