Captain Mode! July 7, 2015


Attention Mercs,

Word has come up the chain of command the some mercenaries are willing to gamble their lives away. Pitting each other in 1v1 combat

Captain Mode

In the mercenary world, there is a secret underground group that pits themselves against one another in vicious 1v1 combat. Two Mercenaries enter... One mercenary will leave. In this world the more opponents you beat the better your rewards. So you keep fighting, and winning, till you can't fight any more.
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**CrossFire Film Festival 2015!**


Attention Mercenaries,

Lights, Camera, Action! It's that time of the year again. We want to see what creative movies you will submit this year to the CrossFire Film Festival. We can't wait to see what unique and interesting videos you will submit!

Event Details

You can submit maximum 2 videos per account in any of the 5 different categories.
Submission periods will be from June 12 - July 27. Prize giveaway will happen on July 31st in live ceremony on Twitch.
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**The Beast and the Dragons - June Update**


Attention Mercenaries,

A legendary beast prowls the battlefield picking off lone stragglers and preying on the unaware. Accompanying it are two Dragons, both brilliant in their own right, yet even they only feed off the scraps in fear of this terrible predator. What could possibly stand head and shoulders above the mythical dragon?... Only a true Beast.
Barrett-Obsidian Beast
The Barrett M82A1 has been re-forged with a special material giving it a beastly appearance. The lens of the scope has been tuned to give a broader view compared to other snipers.

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**Barrett M82A1-Obsidian Beast VIP Pre-Sale!!**


Attention Mercs,

From June 3rd to June 9th, any mercenary worth their salt will be eligible to pre-order the Barrett-Obsidian Beast.

Those that pre-order within this time will enjoy a 30% discount on the price and will also receive several bonus items: The Mateba-Gold Black Dragon (30 days), the Field Shovel-Red Dragon (30 days) and a Green Smoke Grenade (30 days).

Pre-Order Details
Pre-Order Starts: June 3rd, 12:01 AM
Pre-Order Ends: June 9th, 11:00 PM
You can find the Pre-Order Page Here!

**Log in and Play! May 13-19**


Greetings Mercenaries,

Who doesn't like logging into their favorite game and winning prizes. Lets all get into the action of CrossFire and win exciting and unique prizes for every day of this event.

May 13 → May 19

Logging in each day during the event period will award you with one of the following items (depending on the day) and play for 80 minutes each day to win 3 Imported Power Crates. You may only win 3 crates per day.

05/13 - Bulletproof Jacket (3 days)
05/14 - Bulletproof Helmet (3 days)
05/15 - Assassin (Mutant Mode character) (3 days)
05/16 - Set IGN Color (3 days)
05/17 - Set Chat Color (3 days)
05/18 - Jiang Shi (Mutant Mode character) (3 days)
05/19 - Rainbow Muzzle Flash (3 days)

What is the Imported Power Crate? The Imported Power Crate is a crate that contains temporary versions of several rare/not previously released weapons.

Event items will be distributed automatically as they login per day.

Get into the action

-CrossFire Team

**Rumble in the Jungle! May 6 Update**


Attention Mercs,

Black List activity has been spotted in a new amusement park in the jungle. Why they are there remains to be seen, however we cannot chance that they may be attempting to set traps in the amusement park for when it opens. We need you to infiltrate the area and deal with them... permanently. But be quiet about it! To help you navigate the jungle stealthily we're releasing a group of Amazon themed weapons for a limited time as well.

Water Park
Black List has struck again. This time ambushing innocent citizens relaxing in a water park of all places. While Global Risk could not be positive of Black List's motive; they none the less could not stand the incursion, and moved to intercept the intruders.


M4A1-S-Tiger - An upgraded M4A1 with a silencer, a 35 round magazine and a stylish tiger skin paint job.
Desert Eagle-Snake - A Desert Eagle with high power and given a snake paint job.

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** Golden Easter Update! March 25 **


Attention Mercenaries,

Spring has begun and the countdown to Easter has started with it. Soon the hunt will begin for chocolates shaped like eggs and rabbits and other things alluding to the Easter Bunny.

And CrossFire will not miss out on such an event either which is why we have released the new Golden Easter Crate. But this crate doesn't hold chocolatey treats, instead it contains a few weapons of solid gold.

Check out the patch details Here!

** Happy Birthday CrossFire! Mar.18 **


Attentions Mercs,

March is a very special time for us CrossFire GMs. It was during this time 6 years ago that a very special game opened it's doors and accepted us all with open arms. So during this mini-update we've added a couple of special treats in an effort celebrate the 6 awesome years.

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**March Mutant Madness! Mar.11**


Attention Mercs,

The mutant menace has surged once again, and with this surge it has brought forth two terrible new creations, the Jiang Shi and the Armored Mutant. Not even our most elite soldiers can stand against these new threats.

*** New Mode ***

Mutant Knight Mode
The mutant virus has unleashed its most formidable fighter, the Armored Mutant, to wreak havoc upon our bases. But we've got our own trick up our sleeves, we're sending in the Knights to face off against these lumbering giants. After all, blades are stronger than fists right?

*** New Maps ***

Desert Fortress
A giant fortress built near the location of Operation: Sandstorm. The mutant virus has infected the area and given birth to an oddly resiliant new mutation. Now the remaining guards have to hold their ground and wait for a new group of Special Operatives to arrive.

Mysterious Island
A man made island off the coast of Dubai. Here a UN research bureau was looking into levitation technology when they were hit by the mutant virus. A team of Special Operatives were dispatched to eliminate the mutants, however a new mutation has been rumoured in the area.

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**Daylight Savings! Mar.7 - 8!**


Attention Mercenaries,

It's time again to change the clocks - Spring forward and enjoy 10% discount for all ZP purchases in CrossFire!

For the weekend of March 7st and 8st, you will receive 10% discount for every purchase with ZP in CrossFire.

*Please Note* The discount will be reflected in your ZP balance when logging out and back in.

Don't forget to set your alarm clock so you don't miss it!