** CrossFire Stars 2015 Grand Finals! **


Smilegate Games Announces Global e-Sports League CFS 2015
  • CFS 2015, a 5-month global league of CROSSFIRE, the world’s No. 1 online FPS game
  • Regional qualifiers in 11 regions including Asia, Europe, and Americas, covering more than 80 countries
  • Finals will be taking place in Guangzhou, China from December 4 to 6

On August 3, Smilegate Games, Inc. (CEO Ina Jang), has officially announced plans for the global league ‘CROSSFIRE STARS 2015’ (CFS 2015) of the game CROSSFIRE, the world’s No. 1 online FPS game.

CROSSFIRE, which has over 6 million concurrent users and 500 million registered users in more than 80 countries across the globe, will run its fourth international season, CFS 2015. Previous CFS events have shown successful records, placing CFS as a celebrated e-Sports event. CFS Season 2 held in Chengdu had more than 20,000 fans attending the event, while CFS 2014 reached over 150 million viewers live streaming the tournament.

80 countries will be divided into 11 regions, each holding its own National Finals (NF). These regional qualifiers will run from August to October, taking place in China and Latin America in August, followed by North America, Russia, Europe, and Indonesia in September, and Brazil, Philippines, and the rest in October. The champions from the NF will advance to the Grand Finals (GF), which will be held in Guangzhou, China, from December 4 to 6, 2015.

The prize pool for CFS 2015 is $220,000 USD and a total of 12 teams will qualify to the GF. The teams will be divided into 3 groups in the Group Stage through a double-elimination format, and consequently 8 teams will move onto the Tournament Stage, a single-elimination bracket.

Guangzhou, where the GF will take place, is the capital of Guangdong province and is renowned to be the largest and most active commerce sector in South China, dating back to 2000 years of trading. It received wide attention for hosting the XVI Asian Games in 2010, as well as having interest from the e-Sports community for holding the International E-Sports Festival (IEF) in 2014.

Smilegate Games CEO Ina Jang expressed, “We will do our best to bring together all the global CROSSFIRE users and provide them with a great, exciting experience” and “carry this momentum forward to organize more e-Sports leagues that will be recognized in each country. Keep cheering for CROSSFIRE!”

More information about CFS 2015 can be found on the official CFS website (

**Patch Notes - August 18th, 2015**


Attention Mercs,

The work you all have done in taking down the Corrupted Alphas has been commendable. While they still writhe around in the laboratory that spawned them, our organization has attracted the attention of a special military outfit; the Special Boat Service.

[New Character]

The Special Boat Service (or SBS), is the special forces unit of the UK's Naval Service. They are experts in swimming, air infiltration, navigation, demolitions and reconnaissance in harsh environments. In short, they are trained to fight and win in any environment.

[Re-Released Weapons]

Early Frostbite Crate - Limited Time Availability

Look forward to the Christmas Season with this excellently crafted M14EBR in a festive Christmas paint job!

Look forward to the Christmas Season with this excellently crafted AWM in a festive Christmas paint job!

Desert Eagle-Xmas
Look forward to the Christmas Season with this excellently crafted Desert Eagle in a festive Christmas paint job!

Returning from the previous Christmas in July events, this Kris has been decorated with a festive Xmas paint job!

For Full Patch Details, Click Here!

** BOSS RUSH! August 6, 2015 **


Attention Mercenaries,

The stage is set for the final battle against Blitz. Their constant attacks and experiments with biological weaponry have weakened them to the point that we can finish them off once and for all. But there is still one final obstacle... well 5 obstacles. The Corrupted Alphas, five twisted machinations that are the result of Blitz's mad science. These Corrupted Alphas MUST be defeated before we can demolish the lab. Infiltrate the area, Eliminate the Alphas, and bring this battle to an end.

At long last, the source of the biological terrors has been found. 5 corrupted Alpha experiments have been sighted in a remote laboratory facility. Infiltrate the area and take these monsters down but be wary, these Alpha's are the culmination of all the biological experiments witnessed thus far. They will not be easy targets.


Turtle Shell Crate - Available until September PatchM4A1-S-Turtle Shell
An advanced version of the M4A1 equipped with a silencer. The turtle shell skin imprinted upon it is rumoured to symbolize long life and prosperity.

AK47-Knife-Turtle Shell
An advanced version of the AK47 rifle equipped with a knife bayonet. The turtle shell skin imprinted upon it is rumoured to symbolize long life and prosperity.

AWM-A-Turtle Shell
An advanced version of the high powered AWM sniper rifle. The turtle shell skin imprinted upon it is rumoured to symbolize long life and prosperity.

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Captain Mode! July 7, 2015


Attention Mercs,

Word has come up the chain of command the some mercenaries are willing to gamble their lives away. Pitting each other in 1v1 combat

Captain Mode

In the mercenary world, there is a secret underground group that pits themselves against one another in vicious 1v1 combat. Two Mercenaries enter... One mercenary will leave. In this world the more opponents you beat the better your rewards. So you keep fighting, and winning, till you can't fight any more.
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**CrossFire Film Festival 2015!**


Attention Mercenaries,

Lights, Camera, Action! It's that time of the year again. We want to see what creative movies you will submit this year to the CrossFire Film Festival. We can't wait to see what unique and interesting videos you will submit!

Event Details

You can submit maximum 2 videos per account in any of the 5 different categories.
Submission periods will be from June 12 - July 27. Prize giveaway will happen on July 31st in live ceremony on Twitch.
For full event details, click Here!

**The Beast and the Dragons - June Update**


Attention Mercenaries,

A legendary beast prowls the battlefield picking off lone stragglers and preying on the unaware. Accompanying it are two Dragons, both brilliant in their own right, yet even they only feed off the scraps in fear of this terrible predator. What could possibly stand head and shoulders above the mythical dragon?... Only a true Beast.
Barrett-Obsidian Beast
The Barrett M82A1 has been re-forged with a special material giving it a beastly appearance. The lens of the scope has been tuned to give a broader view compared to other snipers.

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**Barrett M82A1-Obsidian Beast VIP Pre-Sale!!**


Attention Mercs,

From June 3rd to June 9th, any mercenary worth their salt will be eligible to pre-order the Barrett-Obsidian Beast.

Those that pre-order within this time will enjoy a 30% discount on the price and will also receive several bonus items: The Mateba-Gold Black Dragon (30 days), the Field Shovel-Red Dragon (30 days) and a Green Smoke Grenade (30 days).

Pre-Order Details
Pre-Order Starts: June 3rd, 12:01 AM
Pre-Order Ends: June 9th, 11:00 PM
You can find the Pre-Order Page Here!

**Log in and Play! May 13-19**


Greetings Mercenaries,

Who doesn't like logging into their favorite game and winning prizes. Lets all get into the action of CrossFire and win exciting and unique prizes for every day of this event.

May 13 → May 19

Logging in each day during the event period will award you with one of the following items (depending on the day) and play for 80 minutes each day to win 3 Imported Power Crates. You may only win 3 crates per day.

05/13 - Bulletproof Jacket (3 days)
05/14 - Bulletproof Helmet (3 days)
05/15 - Assassin (Mutant Mode character) (3 days)
05/16 - Set IGN Color (3 days)
05/17 - Set Chat Color (3 days)
05/18 - Jiang Shi (Mutant Mode character) (3 days)
05/19 - Rainbow Muzzle Flash (3 days)

What is the Imported Power Crate? The Imported Power Crate is a crate that contains temporary versions of several rare/not previously released weapons.

Event items will be distributed automatically as they login per day.

Get into the action

-CrossFire Team

**Rumble in the Jungle! May 6 Update**


Attention Mercs,

Black List activity has been spotted in a new amusement park in the jungle. Why they are there remains to be seen, however we cannot chance that they may be attempting to set traps in the amusement park for when it opens. We need you to infiltrate the area and deal with them... permanently. But be quiet about it! To help you navigate the jungle stealthily we're releasing a group of Amazon themed weapons for a limited time as well.

Water Park
Black List has struck again. This time ambushing innocent citizens relaxing in a water park of all places. While Global Risk could not be positive of Black List's motive; they none the less could not stand the incursion, and moved to intercept the intruders.


M4A1-S-Tiger - An upgraded M4A1 with a silencer, a 35 round magazine and a stylish tiger skin paint job.
Desert Eagle-Snake - A Desert Eagle with high power and given a snake paint job.

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** Golden Easter Update! March 25 **


Attention Mercenaries,

Spring has begun and the countdown to Easter has started with it. Soon the hunt will begin for chocolates shaped like eggs and rabbits and other things alluding to the Easter Bunny.

And CrossFire will not miss out on such an event either which is why we have released the new Golden Easter Crate. But this crate doesn't hold chocolatey treats, instead it contains a few weapons of solid gold.

Check out the patch details Here!