$1000 Cash Prize tournaments with NESL this summer!


Attention all CrossFire Fans and Competitors!

We are proud to announce our partnership with National ESL and the Go4 CrossFire series coming to CF NA!

Participants in North America can sign up on the ESL website and participate in tournaments through the ESL Series for real cash prizes!

Click here to sign up your team.

The Prize pool breakdown is as follows:
Weekly Winners of $150 and $100 (for first and second)
Monthly Winners of $600, $250 and $150 cash prizes!

The competition will be using the ESL Wire Anti Cheat, a great program designed to keep the competition legitimate and matches will be scrutinized by the excellent NESL Staff.

In addition to these amazing cash prizes, Monthly winners will be entered into a future competition for the opportunity to represent their country and home CrossFire version at the global CrossFire Stars tournament in China!

Read all about the partnership and sign up on the ESL Site by clicking here.

Shadow Mode is here!


Attention Mercenaries!

Beware what lurks in the Shadows, your life is at risk!

Click here for the Shadow Mode Update Page.

Welcome to the Shadow Mode update, the latest in stealth action combat from CrossFire! Play this new mode today by logging in to the game!

We will be posting a Shadow Mode guide soon with further details in the mode. For now, head in and sneak around the map Lost Castle, but beware the alarms!

Watch for Events, bonus crates and more all starting on April 10th!

Shadow Mode coming Tonight!


Attention Mercenaries!

The CF Servers will be down at 10pm EDT Tonight, April 9th for the Shadow Mode Update!

We expect this maintenance to take between 3 and 4 hours. If it goes longer please be patient.

Check our Facebook Page for some image previews.

We're kicking off Shadow Mode with an event which starts on the 10th! Be prepared for the next level of Stealth Action only from CrossFire.

Monday Maximum Returns in April!


Our popular Monday Maximum event has returned for April!

Max your fever bar to it's maximum on Monday's in April and get a free Bonus Mission item for your account.

Track your progress on the event page to see if you qualified to win the prize.

Prizes will be delivered automatically starting just after midnight EST on Tuesdays.

Play CrossFire on Monday and win bonus items to use later that week, all April long!

Wave Mode Wednesday!


Attention Mercenaries!

We're rolling out Wave Mode events all April with our Wave Mode Wednesdays!

Play 5 games (minimum 10 minutes in game, or the end of a match) on Wednesday and win 2 bonus random Class Cards for your account.

Class Cards are chosen at random, and will be automatically handed out to accounts on the following day (Thursday) each week.

Track your progress for Wave Mode games on our Event Page by clicking here.

Increase your Wave Mode skills this weekend!


Attention Mercenaries,

We are having a Wave Mode event for this last weekend of March!

Play 4 Hours between March 27th - March 30th on either of the Wave Mode maps (Arctic Base or Sandstorm) and win 2 class cards chosen randomly for your account!

You can track your time played from the Event Tracker at our Event Page.

Prizes will be delivered daily, so make sure to keep checking your time played!

20% Bonus ZP with KarmaKoin!


Attention Mercenaries!

Get 20% bonus ZP with KarmaKoin from March 17th - March 30th!

Take advantage of this deal by heading to and clicking to the deposit page. Choose KarmaKoin (if available in your region) and then start getting your Bonus ZP today!

Please note that the Bonus ZP may not be directly displayed when you make your transaction, but it's functioning correctly and the 20% Bonus ZP will be in your account after the transaction goes through.

Get your Bonus ZP throughout the rest of March only from KarmaKoin and CrossFire!

Luck of the Irish - Exclusive Ribbon!


Win an Exclusive ribbon today!

Do you have the luck of the Irish? Win a special ribbon today by winning any GP or ZP permanent crate item!

Ribbons will be delivered on March 18th.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from everyone at CrossFire!

Wave Mode is live!


The CrossFire Servers are now Live! Thanks everyone for your patience.

Play Wave Mode today and don't forget our Wave Mode Update challenge for your chance to win perfect gems for your account to upgrade your Class Cards with!

You still have until the end of today to get 10% Bonus ZP through all non-survey payment gateways!

Click here for the event page.

Click here for the patch notes.

Extended Maintenance Period


We apologize for this extended downtime.

In order to ensure that everyone can play wave mode, a lot of back-end database work must be done.

To play wave mode you need Class Cards to be able to select your class, new tables need to be made and the entire playerbase has to be updated.

This is what is causing these extended delays. We want you to experience wave mode as much as you do! Please be patient while we finish with the March Update.