Get 50% off Selected Crates in the Black Market


Attention Mercenaries!

Check out the new Red Sniper Crate in our Black Market Featuring
The DSR-1 Red Tape and
The TRG-21 Red Tape!
The 50% Crate Sale is now Live!

Visit the Black Market and receive 50% off Selected Crates! Click HERE for more details!

**Patch Notes**

- IP Backbone and Upgrade has successfully been completed
        - This was focused on the UK servers, which was why they were down since 17:00 EDT.
        - We hope that this will resolve the many connection and latency issues that players had been experiencing on these servers.
- NA and UK Servers were taken down at 22:00 EDT, on schedule
- The Red Sniper Crate is now available on the Black Market
- The 50% Crate Sale on selected crates is now available on the Black Market
- The Remaining Easter Egg Hunt Prizes have been distributed
- Wave Mode Wednesday Prizes for April 23, 2014 have been distributed
- Fixed the bug involving Ceyhan
- KDR Tracking for Shadow Mode should now be resolved
- Shadow Mode weapon display bug should now be resolved

CrossFire Server Maintenance 2014-04-23


Attention Mercenaries!

We will be having a scheduled maintenance on 2014-04-23 from 5:00pm EDT - 1:00am EDT.

The purpose of this maintenance is two-fold:

The first part will from 5:00pm EDT - 10:00pm EDT.

This will be to migrate and upgrade the backbone for our servers to hopefully deliver more consistent service to everyone. This will however, mean that CrossFire service will be intermittent during this time, and you will most likely experience higher than normal latency and disconnection issues. Please be patient with us.

The second part of the maintenance will start at 10:00pm EDT and the servers will be taken down completely. This should only be around 3 hours.

We will be unlocking the Red Tape weapons, and we will be starting a 50% off sale on selected crates during the second part!

Spring into CrossFire! April 18-21


Attention Mercenaries!!

Spring into CrossFire this Weekend for Awesome Items!

Between April 18 - April 21, for every 50,000 ZP the player spends in game, they will receive 5 M4A1-Spring Crates delivered on April 22nd.

Example - If you spend 100,000 ZP in game, receive 10 M4A1-Spring Crates!!

Easter Crate Highlights:

M4A1 Spring
Dual Uzi Pink

Event Details:

Spend 50,000ZP in game and receive 5 M4A1-Spring Crates
Spend 100,000ZP in game and receive 10 M4A1-Spring Crates
Spend 125,00ZP in game and receive 10 M4A1-Spring Crates
Spend 150,000ZP in game and receive 15 M4A1-Spring Crates

Happy Easter!!

Join The Easter Egg Hunt!!


Attention Mercenaries!!

Spend Easter Hunting your Opponents and Win Prizes!!

From April 18 until April 21, there will be a unique challenge each day. Complete each challenge to win a prize!

Event Details:

On April 18 - Play 3 Wave Mode Games
Win 1 Perfect Topaz

On April 19 - Play 3 Shadow Mode Games
Win 3 Day Rainbow Muzzle Flame

On April 20 - Play 3 TDM Games
Win 7 Day Easter Egg Grenade

On April 21 - Play 3 SnD Games
Win 7 Day Rabbit Ears

Complete all challenges
Win 3 Day Easter Spray and NC
Candy Name Tag - 7 Days
Candy Spray - 7 Days

Track your progress on our Event Page!

We will begin distributing the prizes on April 21, so stay tuned!

200% EXP and GP During Peak Times


Attention Mercenaries!!

Get 200% EXP and GP All Weekend during Peak Times 12:00-16:00 EDT

$1000 Cash Prize tournaments with NESL this summer!


Attention all CrossFire Fans and Competitors!

We are proud to announce our partnership with National ESL and the Go4 CrossFire series coming to CF NA!

Participants in North America can sign up on the ESL website and participate in tournaments through the ESL Series for real cash prizes!

Click here to sign up your team.

The Prize pool breakdown is as follows:
Weekly Winners of $150 and $100 (for first and second)
Monthly Winners of $600, $250 and $150 cash prizes!

The competition will be using the ESL Wire Anti Cheat, a great program designed to keep the competition legitimate and matches will be scrutinized by the excellent NESL Staff.

In addition to these amazing cash prizes, Monthly winners will be entered into a future competition for the opportunity to represent their country and home CrossFire version at the global CrossFire Stars tournament in China!

Read all about the partnership and sign up on the ESL Site by clicking here.

Shadow Mode is here!


Attention Mercenaries!

Beware what lurks in the Shadows, your life is at risk!

Click here for the Shadow Mode Update Page.

Welcome to the Shadow Mode update, the latest in stealth action combat from CrossFire! Play this new mode today by logging in to the game!

We will be posting a Shadow Mode guide soon with further details in the mode. For now, head in and sneak around the map Lost Castle, but beware the alarms!

Watch for Events, bonus crates and more all starting on April 10th!

Shadow Mode coming Tonight!


Attention Mercenaries!

The CF Servers will be down at 10pm EDT Tonight, April 9th for the Shadow Mode Update!

We expect this maintenance to take between 3 and 4 hours. If it goes longer please be patient.

Check our Facebook Page for some image previews.

We're kicking off Shadow Mode with an event which starts on the 10th! Be prepared for the next level of Stealth Action only from CrossFire.

Monday Maximum Returns in April!


Our popular Monday Maximum event has returned for April!

Max your fever bar to it's maximum on Monday's in April and get a free Bonus Mission item for your account.

Track your progress on the event page to see if you qualified to win the prize.

Prizes will be delivered automatically starting just after midnight EST on Tuesdays.

Play CrossFire on Monday and win bonus items to use later that week, all April long!

Wave Mode Wednesday!


Attention Mercenaries!

We're rolling out Wave Mode events all April with our Wave Mode Wednesdays!

Play 5 games (minimum 10 minutes in game, or the end of a match) on Wednesday and win 2 bonus random Class Cards for your account.

Class Cards are chosen at random, and will be automatically handed out to accounts on the following day (Thursday) each week.

Track your progress for Wave Mode games on our Event Page by clicking here.