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Rockets and Revolvers! September 18, 2014


Attention Mercenaries!
Rockets and Revolvers abound. The sun's now lost it's light.
Troubles coming to burn you down, so be ready for a fight.
-[GM]Castiel, 2-bit poet
** New Mode **
Bazooka-Knife - Only available on the Red Eye TD map. Play a high stakes game of dodgeball as you bob and weave past rockets to fight your enemies!

** New Maps **
Red Eye - A laboratory environment where soldiers trained to increase their combat reflexes and maneuverability. The result allowed the soldiers to see bullets in slow motion yet react and move at the same speed.

Western - It's a showdown at the CrossFire Corral. Hunt down the outlaws that escaped your grasp and into an olde-west ghost town. Use the weapons that were left behind to bring them to justice.

For Full Patch Details, Click Here!!

Login and Play with CrossFire!!


Attention Mercenaries!!

September 12 - 16

Login Every day and play CrossFire for 30 minutes each day to receive 1 D.E. Royal Dragon Crate
Login for ALL 5 DAYS and get another 5 D.E. Royal Dragon Crates!!
Click Here for more details!

3 Day ZP Bundles!


Attention Mercenaries!!

September 5 - September 7
Recharge ZP Over the Weekend and get Bonus Rose Crates!!!
From September 5 until September 7, recharge ZP through any payment method and receive Bonus Rose Crates! The more you recharge the more Crates you get!

For full details, please click Here!
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