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Super Soldier Mode! January 14, 2015


Attention Mercs,

It's a battle for the ages; Black List vs Global Risk, with both sides pitting their strongest and most able-bodied soldiers against the others. Hunters, Panthers, Blasters, Medics, Shields, Shocks, Marksmen, Demolitions, Juggernauts and now two more soldiers are meeting in frantic combat. Pick a side, pick your class and enter the fray of the Super Soldier Showdown.

** NEW MODE **

Super Soldier Mode - An old classic with a twist. Super Soldier Mode combines the fast-paced combat of Team DeathMatch with the tactical counter-play of WAVE Mode, by giving players access to the class cards normally only available in WAVE Mode. Pick from one of the now 11 available classes and bring your own thunder to the battlefield.


Commander - An artist of war. The Commander has access to 3 flags which they can plant in the battlefield to give allies in the immediate area a buff.
Flag of Advancing - Gives you and your allies a chance to cause an explosion with each shot.
Flag of Healing - Gives you and your allies a slow regenerative effect allowing you to regain health.
Flag of the Undying - Gives you and your allies a final moment of glory when you die. You will lie on the ground and can continue to shoot at your enemies with a pistol.
Fuzzy - Armed with a high-yield energy ball, the Fuzzy class can throw their energy ball at the enemy where upon it will bounce around the area causing a slightly delayed explosion each time it strikes something. In addition to the bouncing ball of death, the Fuzzy class periodically generates a shield that will protect them from one attack.

For Full Patch Details, please Click Here!

2015 New Year's Crate Release Update - Jan. 7


Attention Mercenaries,

The new year is upon us, and we're all waiting with anticipation to see what the new year will bring.

However, there are still some goodies remaining from the previous year. Goodies like the Golden Phoenix weapons. The mini-patch for January 6th, has released the 2015 New Years Crate into the Black Market and they are now attainable from that crate.

As a bonus introduction when you purchase 10 crates you will earn a bonus crate. However this bonus will only last until January 11th.

For full patch details, click Here!

New User's Bonus!! Extended January 7, 2015


Attention Mercenaries,

On January 7th, all players will receive 15% more ZP on every recharge.

If this is the first time you've recharged ZP we're going to make this even better for you by doubling the bonus ZP to 30%. This will only take effect for the very first recharge that you make, after that the bonus will return to 15%.

The Bonus' Details can be found below:

Duration: January 7th

Details: Receive 15% more ZP on all recharges

NEW USERS: Receive 30% more ZP on your very first recharge
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