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Back To School - September Update


Attention Mercenaries,

The ongoing conflict between Global Risk and Black List continues onward... this time Black List agents have been spotted deep in the jungles of Honduras. The ruins nearby are not to be damaged however, so only melee weapons will be allowed for this encounter. We will send you additional supplies with time, however we cannot guarantee that the enemy won't be able to grab them.

In the meantime, we have also received reports of anti-mutant task force agents finding strange, recently unearthed ruins in an area that was rumored to have mutant activity. We're not sure who would go digging around a mutant infested area but we want you to head in and scout out the area. Keep your wits sharp mercenaries, we don't know what could be lying in ambush down there.

To assist you with both these missions we are also going to release several weapons to hopefully give you an edge in combat, the pièce de résistance of which is the legendary Desert Eagle-Obsidian Beast.

[New Mode]

Grenade Knife Mode
A swashbucklingly exciting mode. Mercenaries are armed with nothing but a knife initially. However, supply drops periodically arrive on the map and will give the team that acquires them a set of Wide Grenades. Be wary killing a grenade holder, or they might just leave a present at your feet when they die.

[New Maps]

Mayan Temple - Team Death Match (Grenade Knife Mode Only)
The latest skirmish zone of the conflict between Global Risk and Black List. Neither side wants to damage the culturally historic ruins nearby, so both sides have equipped nothing but melee. But with the promise of a supply drop coming through the radios, the tide of this battle may turn quickly.

Cavern Ruins - Hero Mode X
Ancient Ruins found deep within a cave system have recently been exhumed. Whoever decided to do so clearly didn't know about the mutated denizens within. Now a task force of agents have been deployed to contain this new mutant insurgence. But will they be able to make it out alive?

For full patch details click here!

** CrossFire Stars 2015 Grand Finals! **


Smilegate Games Announces Global e-Sports League CFS 2015
  • CFS 2015, a 5-month global league of CROSSFIRE, the world’s No. 1 online FPS game
  • Regional qualifiers in 11 regions including Asia, Europe, and Americas, covering more than 80 countries
  • Finals will be taking place in Guangzhou, China from December 4 to 6

On August 3, Smilegate Games, Inc. (CEO Ina Jang), has officially announced plans for the global league ‘CROSSFIRE STARS 2015’ (CFS 2015) of the game CROSSFIRE, the world’s No. 1 online FPS game.

CROSSFIRE, which has over 6 million concurrent users and 500 million registered users in more than 80 countries across the globe, will run its fourth international season, CFS 2015. Previous CFS events have shown successful records, placing CFS as a celebrated e-Sports event. CFS Season 2 held in Chengdu had more than 20,000 fans attending the event, while CFS 2014 reached over 150 million viewers live streaming the tournament.

80 countries will be divided into 11 regions, each holding its own National Finals (NF). These regional qualifiers will run from August to October, taking place in China and Latin America in August, followed by North America, Russia, Europe, and Indonesia in September, and Brazil, Philippines, and the rest in October. The champions from the NF will advance to the Grand Finals (GF), which will be held in Guangzhou, China, from December 4 to 6, 2015.

The prize pool for CFS 2015 is $220,000 USD and a total of 12 teams will qualify to the GF. The teams will be divided into 3 groups in the Group Stage through a double-elimination format, and consequently 8 teams will move onto the Tournament Stage, a single-elimination bracket.

Guangzhou, where the GF will take place, is the capital of Guangdong province and is renowned to be the largest and most active commerce sector in South China, dating back to 2000 years of trading. It received wide attention for hosting the XVI Asian Games in 2010, as well as having interest from the e-Sports community for holding the International E-Sports Festival (IEF) in 2014.

Smilegate Games CEO Ina Jang expressed, “We will do our best to bring together all the global CROSSFIRE users and provide them with a great, exciting experience” and “carry this momentum forward to organize more e-Sports leagues that will be recognized in each country. Keep cheering for CROSSFIRE!”

More information about CFS 2015 can be found on the official CFS website (

**Patch Notes - August 18th, 2015**


Attention Mercs,

The work you all have done in taking down the Corrupted Alphas has been commendable. While they still writhe around in the laboratory that spawned them, our organization has attracted the attention of a special military outfit; the Special Boat Service.

[New Character]

The Special Boat Service (or SBS), is the special forces unit of the UK's Naval Service. They are experts in swimming, air infiltration, navigation, demolitions and reconnaissance in harsh environments. In short, they are trained to fight and win in any environment.

[Re-Released Weapons]

Early Frostbite Crate - Limited Time Availability

Look forward to the Christmas Season with this excellently crafted M14EBR in a festive Christmas paint job!

Look forward to the Christmas Season with this excellently crafted AWM in a festive Christmas paint job!

Desert Eagle-Xmas
Look forward to the Christmas Season with this excellently crafted Desert Eagle in a festive Christmas paint job!

Returning from the previous Christmas in July events, this Kris has been decorated with a festive Xmas paint job!

For Full Patch Details, Click Here!
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