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Get 50% off Selected Crates in the Black Market


Attention Mercenaries!

Check out the new Red Sniper Crate in our Black Market Featuring
The DSR-1 Red Tape and
The TRG-21 Red Tape!
The 50% Crate Sale is now Live!

Visit the Black Market and receive 50% off Selected Crates! Click HERE for more details!

**Patch Notes**

- IP Backbone and Upgrade has successfully been completed
        - This was focused on the UK servers, which was why they were down since 17:00 EDT.
        - We hope that this will resolve the many connection and latency issues that players had been experiencing on these servers.
- NA and UK Servers were taken down at 22:00 EDT, on schedule
- The Red Sniper Crate is now available on the Black Market
- The 50% Crate Sale on selected crates is now available on the Black Market
- The Remaining Easter Egg Hunt Prizes have been distributed
- Wave Mode Wednesday Prizes for April 23, 2014 have been distributed
- Fixed the bug involving Ceyhan
- KDR Tracking for Shadow Mode should now be resolved
- Shadow Mode weapon display bug should now be resolved

CrossFire Server Maintenance 2014-04-23


Attention Mercenaries!

We will be having a scheduled maintenance on 2014-04-23 from 5:00pm EDT - 1:00am EDT.

The purpose of this maintenance is two-fold:

The first part will from 5:00pm EDT - 10:00pm EDT.

This will be to migrate and upgrade the backbone for our servers to hopefully deliver more consistent service to everyone. This will however, mean that CrossFire service will be intermittent during this time, and you will most likely experience higher than normal latency and disconnection issues. Please be patient with us.

The second part of the maintenance will start at 10:00pm EDT and the servers will be taken down completely. This should only be around 3 hours.

We will be unlocking the Red Tape weapons, and we will be starting a 50% off sale on selected crates during the second part!

Spring into CrossFire! April 18-21


Attention Mercenaries!!

Spring into CrossFire this Weekend for Awesome Items!

Between April 18 - April 21, for every 50,000 ZP the player spends in game, they will receive 5 M4A1-Spring Crates delivered on April 22nd.

Example - If you spend 100,000 ZP in game, receive 10 M4A1-Spring Crates!!

Easter Crate Highlights:

M4A1 Spring
Dual Uzi Pink

Event Details:

Spend 50,000ZP in game and receive 5 M4A1-Spring Crates
Spend 100,000ZP in game and receive 10 M4A1-Spring Crates
Spend 125,00ZP in game and receive 10 M4A1-Spring Crates
Spend 150,000ZP in game and receive 15 M4A1-Spring Crates

Happy Easter!!
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