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Devastated City - BLAZE Patch Notes - 2014-11-25


Attention Mercs,

The Devastated City has begun showing increased activity. The bio-weapons that we all fought off back in July have re-emerged from the ruins, and what's worse... Our advanced scouts have reported seeing some sort of flying humanoid creature. This shortly before we lost all contact with them.

We need to know what is happening in the Devastated City. Gather a team and investigate the reports.

** New Maps **

Devastated City - Hard Mode - Reports and sensors have indicated that something is wreaking havoc in the Devastated City. Will you brave the ruins once more and find the source of these reports?

Sewers EM - A mercenary group has been spotted in the sewer system of a nearby, high value, facility. Enter the sewers and intercept them, but be warned the tight quarters won't allow much use of guns. Stick to melee combat.

For Full Patch Details, Click Here!

Happy Halloween 2014! October 23, 2014


Attention Mercs!
The dead have risen again and are clamouring for our brains! Are they the result of dark voodoo magic, bio-weapons set loose, or simply the start of the apocalypse? No matter what the case, we've got new weapons to use against these horrors as well as some old classics.

** New System **

Managing a clan has been made easier than ever with the brand new CrossFire In-Game Clan System

** New Map **
Cooling Chamber (Shadow Mode) - 1st Update - Permanent Map

** Returning Map **

Back again, the Haunted Halloween returns to claim more souls.
Halloween (Team DeathMatch/Elimination Mode) - 1st update - Temporary Re-release

** New Weapons **

New Halloween Crate - 1st Update - Limited Time Sale
Field Shovel-Halloween
For Full Patch Details, please click Here!

40% Off! Crate Release Sale! Oct. 2 - 22


Attention Mercs,

We've released a few new crates with the 2nd half of the Rockets and Revolvers update, and this time we have a special offer.

The Colt Pistol crate and the Improved Camo crate are going to have an introduction sale for the first 3 weeks of their release. During this time their crates will be on sale for 40% off.

The crates themselves will be on sale in the following denominations:

Colt Pistols Crate: 1 Crate - 600 ZP/5 Crates - 2700 ZP/10 Crates - 4800 ZP
Improved Camo Crate: 1 Crate - 600 ZP/5 Crates - 2700 ZP/10 Crates - 4800 ZP

Duration: October 2nd - October 22nd

But remember that this deal will only last for the first 3 weeks. After that the price will return to normal crate prices.
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