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Summer Scavenger Hunt!


Attention Mercenaries!

July 25 - 29

Join us for a Scavenger Hunt this last weekend of July!

July 25: Katana Gold 1 day - A small prize.
July 26: GP Plus 3days - A slightly better prize.
July 27: Transparency gauge reduction rate decrease 7 Days - Decent Prize.
July 28: MG3 Crate 2EA - Good Prize
July 29: Stakeout-Firewall Crate 5EA - Best Prize!
Go to our Events Page to track your progress and get your Clues!

**How it Works**
Click Here for Full Details!

July 25: You're evening at the Theatre was ruined. Seek revenge on 300 enemies around you.

Emergency Maintenance Complete 2014-07-17


Attention Mercenaries!

We have resolved the issues with the exploit that players had been taking advantage of in game. The exploit allowed players to change their Ranks and EXP.
As a result we have had to roll back all player's EXP and Level to what it was as of 2014-07-17 @ 00:00am EDT.
The graphical issues in the Devastated City map have also been resolved and should no longer affect players.

**Event Updates!!**
Devastated City Event: Extended by one day.

Compensation Event!
July 18-19: Get 400% EXP and GP!
July 20: Login and Get a 1 Day MK18 MOD0!

Critical Game Issue and Downtime


Attention CrossFire Mercenaries,

We have detected a critical issue with CrossFire since last nights update. Users were able to exploit a process, normally not available to the public, to change Ranks and EXP within the game.

As a result we have taken the CF Servers down while we run tests and fix the issue. We anticipate being able to fix the problem and bring the servers back in 4-5 hours. However it may take longer. Please stay tuned to this thread and our website for further updates.

In addition, we are aware of a graphical issue on the Devastated City map and will have that corrected as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, we know everyone has been anxious to play with their new VIP weapons and on the new map.

We will be running a compensation event this weekend, stay tuned for details.
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