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Captain Mode! July 7, 2015


Attention Mercs,

Word has come up the chain of command the some mercenaries are willing to gamble their lives away. Pitting each other in 1v1 combat

Captain Mode

In the mercenary world, there is a secret underground group that pits themselves against one another in vicious 1v1 combat. Two Mercenaries enter... One mercenary will leave. In this world the more opponents you beat the better your rewards. So you keep fighting, and winning, till you can't fight any more.
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**CrossFire Film Festival 2015!**


Attention Mercenaries,

Lights, Camera, Action! It's that time of the year again. We want to see what creative movies you will submit this year to the CrossFire Film Festival. We can't wait to see what unique and interesting videos you will submit!

Event Details

You can submit maximum 2 videos per account in any of the 5 different categories.
Submission periods will be from June 12 - July 27. Prize giveaway will happen on July 31st in live ceremony on Twitch.
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**The Beast and the Dragons - June Update**


Attention Mercenaries,

A legendary beast prowls the battlefield picking off lone stragglers and preying on the unaware. Accompanying it are two Dragons, both brilliant in their own right, yet even they only feed off the scraps in fear of this terrible predator. What could possibly stand head and shoulders above the mythical dragon?... Only a true Beast.
Barrett-Obsidian Beast
The Barrett M82A1 has been re-forged with a special material giving it a beastly appearance. The lens of the scope has been tuned to give a broader view compared to other snipers.

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