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**Service Outage Announcement**


Attention Mercenaries,

We have been able to partially restore the CFNA service and most of the Game servers are currently back online. However, please note that for the time being, only the NA servers will be available. We are currently working on restoring the remaining UK servers, and bringing the deposit page back online, and we hope that we can get them back online as soon as possible.

Also, rest assured that all players will be properly compensated and you will not lose any items, duration on items, or an event winning opportunity because of the service outage.

We will update you with the latest details about the UK servers and the upcoming steps we will take as soon as possible.

As a start, starting today and until Sunday, all players will enjoy a 300% EXP/GP and No Deaths on all maps/modes.

We would like to take this moment to thank all dedicated CrossFire players for their patience. Your support was the primary force pushing us to get YOUR game back online.

CrossFire Team

**Emergency Issue Update**


Attention Mercenaries!!

Players are currently experiencing issues with the CFNA service.  Rest assured that we are not resting until this issue has been resolved.
We will continually update Facebook and Twitter as more developments arise. 
We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding in the matter.

CrossFire Team

Virtue of Silence! - Update Notes Feb. 25


Attention Mercenaries,

Ask any assassin and they'll tell you the same thing; 'Silence is your best friend.' Your enemy will never know you're coming and their friends will never know you were there. It makes your mission quick, easy and most of all safe.

Starting February 25th → March 1st, for every 10 Crates purchased of either the Double M Silencer crates or the M200 Cheytac crates, we will give you 1 Desert Eagle-Silencer crate.

For full Event Details and Patch Notes, click Here!
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