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**Log in and Play! May 13-19**


Greetings Mercenaries,

Who doesn't like logging into their favorite game and winning prizes. Lets all get into the action of CrossFire and win exciting and unique prizes for every day of this event.

May 13 → May 19

Logging in each day during the event period will award you with one of the following items (depending on the day) and play for 80 minutes each day to win 3 Imported Power Crates. You may only win 3 crates per day.

05/13 - Bulletproof Jacket (3 days)
05/14 - Bulletproof Helmet (3 days)
05/15 - Assassin (Mutant Mode character) (3 days)
05/16 - Set IGN Color (3 days)
05/17 - Set Chat Color (3 days)
05/18 - Jiang Shi (Mutant Mode character) (3 days)
05/19 - Rainbow Muzzle Flash (3 days)

What is the Imported Power Crate? The Imported Power Crate is a crate that contains temporary versions of several rare/not previously released weapons.

Event items will be distributed automatically as they login per day.

Get into the action

-CrossFire Team

**Rumble in the Jungle! May 6 Update**


Attention Mercs,

Black List activity has been spotted in a new amusement park in the jungle. Why they are there remains to be seen, however we cannot chance that they may be attempting to set traps in the amusement park for when it opens. We need you to infiltrate the area and deal with them... permanently. But be quiet about it! To help you navigate the jungle stealthily we're releasing a group of Amazon themed weapons for a limited time as well.

Water Park
Black List has struck again. This time ambushing innocent citizens relaxing in a water park of all places. While Global Risk could not be positive of Black List's motive; they none the less could not stand the incursion, and moved to intercept the intruders.


M4A1-S-Tiger - An upgraded M4A1 with a silencer, a 35 round magazine and a stylish tiger skin paint job.
Desert Eagle-Snake - A Desert Eagle with high power and given a snake paint job.

For Full Patch Details, click Here!

** Golden Easter Update! March 25 **


Attention Mercenaries,

Spring has begun and the countdown to Easter has started with it. Soon the hunt will begin for chocolates shaped like eggs and rabbits and other things alluding to the Easter Bunny.

And CrossFire will not miss out on such an event either which is why we have released the new Golden Easter Crate. But this crate doesn't hold chocolatey treats, instead it contains a few weapons of solid gold.

Check out the patch details Here!
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