Please note that due to the real-time nature of some ribbons it may take 24-48 hours for a ribbon to show up on your account. If you qualify for the ribbon, make sure to check your profile. Then wait 24 hours and check your profile again. The ribbon should then show up.






You have created an In-Game CrossFire character


Facebook Friends

You have linked your Z8Games account to Facebook


ZP Soldier

You have purchased ZP through one of the Deposit Page options


Survey Says

Successfully Earn ZP through a survey


Veteran Soldier

Your CrossFire character is more than 1 year old


Bow to my Leetness

You have Earned at least an Elite Grade B in-game badge


Look at all my Ribbons!

You have collected 10 or more Ribbons

5,000 GP Added at this reward level


You own all 3 of the Basic CrossFire Grenades


Which side are you on?

You have Chosen a Rival Factions side


Gun Hobbyist

You currently own more than 15 different Permanent Weapons (starting weapons and knife or doubles don't count)


Aint no party like an SPOP Party

You own the SPOP Character Model


You're No Tom Berenger

You have at least 5,000 Headshots


CrossFire is my Life

You have played in at least 5,000 Matches


Sniper Week Reward

You earned a prize reward during Sniper Week


Clutch Killer

Your Kill/Death Ratio is above 2.0


Christmas Comes but Once a Year

You own a permanent Christmas weapon


Merry Christmas

You logged in the game from December 24th-26th 2010

7-day M4a1 Xmas

Honorable Soldier

You have never been banned in-game for any reason (this includes bans for account investigations aswell)


I Heart CF

You logged in to play CrossFire on Valentine's Day 2011


Gun Collector

You currently own more than 25 different permanent weapons (starting weapons and knife or doubles don't count)


An Army of One

You have achieved more than 100,000 kills in the game at least once. (resetting your kills does not remove this ribbon once you have achieved it)


ZP For Everyone!

You have gifted ZP to another account or recieved a gift from another account using the prepaid card gift system


My Ribbons are made of Crystal

You have collected 20 or more Ribbons

M4A1 - Custom Crystal

A Hero Emerges

You achieved the daily event tasks during the Hero Mode Patch Opening Weekend


CrossFire Iron Man

You are an Iron Man! You have played 50+ hours of CrossFire in the month of March 2011


CrossFire Film Award 2011

You have won a "best of" category in the CrossFire Film Awards 2011


Crate Buster

You own 6 permanent crate weapons


Showdown Sheriff

You have collected at least 5 of the Wanted Posters located on the CrossFire site for the May 2011 Patch


Remember the Good Ole Days

You own the Winchester, Thompson and winchester Scope


SEAL Team Member

You own the Navy SEAL character, the M14 EBR, and the MK23 SOCOM


Operation Triton

You completed all the event challenges from the Navy SEAL June 2011 Update

Like a Bawss

You have killed over 1000 zombie mode bosses on normal or higher difficulty


Revival of the Fittest

You have purchased over 1000 Revive tokens


Costume Contest Winner

Prize ribbon for winning the 2011 Halloween Costume Contest


Pistol Week

Complete any 3 of the Daily events during Handgun Week


CrossFire Summer Games 2012

You participated in the Gold Medal Effort during the CrossFire Summer Games 2012


Credit to the Clan

You have killed at least 10+ Soldiers, 250 times in Clan Matches



You have survived 4+ rounds, 250 times in Clan Matches



You have collected 30 or more ribbons

10,000 GP


You have collected 40 or more ribbons

almost 2 year (720 days) - Shovel Red Dragon


You achieved 30+ hours of ghost mode in March 2012


CrossFire FILM AWARDS 2012

You have won a "best of" category in the CrossFire Film Awards 2012



You have completed the July 2012 Patch Events

7 Day M66 Handgun/30 Day Spain Namecard

War Machine

You have killed the War Monger Zombie Mode boss 100 times on normal or above difficulty


Grizzled Veteran

Your CrossFire character is older than 2 years


Harvest CrossFire

You have logged in for all 7 days during the Harvest CrossFire 2012 event


Theatre of War

You have participated in the November 2012 patch event



You have successfully completed all Hero Mode X patch weekend events



You have played in 100 Hero Mode X games where the Soldier side has won


Lead the Invasion

You have played in 100 Hero Mode X games where the Mutant side has won



Achieve at least 25 Frags during the May 2012 NightFall event


Real Men Wear Pink

Collect 3 pink weapons, duplicate weapons are not counted. (Current pink weapons include; Dual Uzi Pink, M4A1 Pink, AWM Pink, Dual Desert Eagle Pink, Kriss Super V Pink and M4A1-Spring)


Gauntlet Ribbon

Play 1000 minutes and collect 1000 kills during the March 2013 Ghost Mode Gauntlet Event.


Operation 'May'-Hem

Complete all the Challenges during the Operation "May"Hem event in May 2013


The Mayhem Begins

Collect 5000 kills between May 1-31 during the "Mayhem Begins" event in May 2013


Christmas in July

Win one of the Christmas items in July between July 18-31, 2013 and July 31-Aug 13, 2014.


Shotgun Week

Complete each challenge from August 26-30, 2013 during the Shotgun Week event


Big Game Hunter

Own 5 Permanent Unique Shotguns (ZP or GP)


Zombie Week

Complete the Daily challenges and kill 1000 zombies during the Zombie Week event of 2013


Head of the Class

Upgrade any one Class Card to its Max Level (10)



Win 1000 Wave Mode games


Film Festival

Winner of the 2014 CrossFire Film Festival

Devastated City

Successfully completed the Devastated City Events in July 2014

Arms on Fire

Own 5 permanent and unique Hellfire, Flame, Magma, or Phoenix weapons.

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